09 de enero

01.Dead by Sunrise - let down 
02.big pink dominos 
03.bad lieutenant - twist of fate 
04.temper trap - fader 
05.paolo nutini - 10/10 
06.phoenix - listomania 
07.julian marley - on the floor 
08.cribs - cheat on me 
09.switchfoot - mess of me 
10.a place to bury strangers - in your heart 
11.artic monkeys - cornerstone 
12.moby - one time we lived and white years - a toast to modern science 
14.matisyahu - we will walk 
15.echo & the bunnyment - think i needed to of thieves - pressure 
17.animal kingdom - sings and wonders 
18.little boots - remedy 
19.ladyhawke - magic 
20.phoenix- 1901 
21.metric - gold gun girls 
22.vampire weekend - cousins 
23.cribs - we share the same skies 
24.temper trap - sweet disposition 
25.spoon - written in reverse 
26.dan black - symphonies 
27.bad lieutenant - sink or swim 
28.hearts of black science - gold & dust 
29.rifles - the great escape 
30.cribs - victims of mass production 
31.afi - beautiful thieves 
32.mutemath - electrify 
33.anya marina - satellite heart 
34.calvin harris - flashback 
35.grand avenue - follow you down 
36.john brown's body - give yourself over 
37.broken bell - the high road 
38.rey fresco - precious time 
39.riffes - romeo and julie 
40.vv brown - l.o.v.e.

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