2 de abril

01. Foo Fighters- Rope

02. Bayside- SIck Sick Sick

03. Sick of Sarah- Overexposure

04. Rise Against- Help is on the Way

05. Travis Barker- Saturday Night

06. My Chemical Romance- Bulletproof Heart

07. Laguna Pai- Libertad

08. The Cars- Sad Song

09. The Sounds- The No No Song
10. All-Mankind- Break the Spell

11. Foster the People- Helena Beat

12. Airbourne Toxic Event- Changing

13. The Strokes- Undercover of Darkness

14. Sick of Sarah- Kiss me

15. Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hockers- Heaven in Stereo
16. Blondie- Girlie Girlie

17. Adele- Rolling in the Deep

18. She Wants Revenge- Must be the One

19. Dark Shadows- Denial

20. Those Dancing Days- Ill Be Yours

21. Young the Giant- My Body

22. Death cab for Cutie- You are a Tourist

23. Naked and Famous- Young Blood

24. Soft Swells- Every Little Things

25. The Strokes- Taken for a Fool

26. Middle Class Rut- New Low
27. Social Distortion- Machine Gun Blues

28. Redlight King -Old Man

29. Sick Puppies- Rip tide

30. Moving Units- Until She Says

31. DollyRots- Just like Cholocate

32. Wolly Bandits- Devils on My Back

33. Tv on the Radio- Will Do

34. Artic Monkeys- Brick by Brick

35. The Sounds- Better of Dead

36. Blondie- Mother

37. Robbie Robertson- He Dont Live Here no More
38. Beady Eye- The Beat Goes On

39. Oh land- Son of a Gun

40. Sick of Sarah- Kick Back

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