30 de abril

01. Blondie- Girlie Girlie

02. Death Cab for Cutie- You are a Tourist

03. Foo Fighters- Rope

04. The Cars- Sad Song

05. Incubus- Adolescents

06. Face to Face- It's Not All About You

07. Rise Against- Help is On the Way

08. My Chemical Romance- Bulletproof Heart

09. The Sounds- Better of Dead

10. Foo Fighters- Walk

11. Woolly Bandits- Devils on my Back

12. Beastie Boys- Make Some Noise

13. Mark Ronson Ft. Simon LeBon & Wiley- Record Collection

14. Airbourne Toxic Event- Changing

15. Manic Street Pearchers- Postcards from a Young Men

16. Blondie- Mother

17. Sick of Sarah- Kickback

18. Joy Formidable- Whirring
19. Those Dancing Days- I'll Be Yours

20. Bocanegra- Love the Machine

21. Robbie Robertson- He don't Live Here no More

22. Manchester Orchestra- Simple Math

23. Bad Religion- Wrong Way Kids

24. L.U.V- She is my Fix

25. Young The Giant- My Body

26. Little Hurricane- Haunted Heart

27. Domino State- We ust Not Shut Ourselves Away

28. Social Distortion- Machine Gun Blues

29. Maritime- Paraphernalia

30. Foo Fighters- Arlandria

31. Mike and the Mechanics- Hunt you Down

32. Foo Fighters- These Days
33. Neon Trees- Your Surrender
34. Linkin park- Iridescent
35. Mona- Listen to your Love
36. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi ft. Jack White- Two Against One

37. My Morning Jacket- Holding on to Black Metal
38. Wombats- 1996
39. The Dig- You re Already Gone
40. Bayside- Already Gone

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